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1. Introduction
To all residents of the European Union
Important environmental information about this product
This symbol on the device or the package indicates that disposal of the device after its lifecycle could harm the
environment. Do not dispose of the unit (or batteries) as unsorted municipal waste; it should be taken to a
specialized company for recycling. This device should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service.
Respect the local environmental rules.
If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.
Thank you for choosing Velleman! Please read the manual thoroughly before bringing this device into service. If the device was
damaged in transit, do not install or use it and contact your dealer. Refer to the Velleman® Service and Quality Warranty on
the last pages of this manual.
This solar module converts solar light into DC electricity, which is then leaded to rechargeable batteries. The thin-film
technology allows this module to be installed and used under cloudy conditions. Its resistant double-glass structure is strong
enough to withstand hails of up to 25mm in diameter.
2. Safety Instructions
Photovoltaic modules generate DC current when exposed to sunlight or other light sources. Although a
single module produces only low voltage and current, shocks and burns are still a potential hazard. The
shock hazard increases as modules are connected in series. Cover the whole front of the module with
a dense opaque material such as cardboard when installing and handling the module. Work under dry
conditions only.
Make sure you fully understand the instructions before installing the module. Contact a qualified
technician if in doubt.
• Damage caused by disregard of certain guidelines in this manual is not covered by the warranty and the dealer will not
accept responsibility for any ensuing defects or problems.
• Do not allow children and unauthorized persons near the solar modules.
• Do not install the solar panels where flammable gases or vapours are present.
• Handle the module with care. Carry the module with two or more persons. Wear non-slip gloves. Do not drop objects on
the surface of the module. Do not stand or step on the module.
• Do not use or install broken or damaged modules.
• Make sure the construction intended to install the modules can handle the weight of the module(s).
• Never modify or open the solar module. Do not treat the back or front with paints or adhesives.
• Only use the device for its intended purpose. All other uses may lead to short circuits, burns, electroshocks, crash, etc.
Using the device in an unauthorised way will void the warranty.
3. Installation
• Choose an installation spot which is not shaded by obstacles like buildings or trees. Pay attention to avoid partially shaded
• Mount the module at an angle for maximum sun exposure. This angle is generally the local latitude. Clearance between
the module frame and the mounting surface is required to allow cooling air to circulate around the back of the module, thus
avoiding condensation and moisture. Never seal the module to the mounting surface with sealants which prevent the air
from circulating under the module.
• Firmly fix the module at the four corners and the middle points so that the module will be able to withstand loads such as
snow and wind. Use appropriate materials and do not drill extra holes in the module frame.
• Install according to the illustrations below.



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